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Is EMT a dangerous job?

Is being an EMT a dangerous job? EMTs are highly trained professionals, who are used to working in extreme and unique situations. On average, being an EMT is [..]

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How hard is EMT Training?

There are different types, or levels, of EMT. Each type identifies the level of training the EMT has received and limits what he or she is qualified for. [..]

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How to Become an EMT

Are you interested in training to become an Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT? This all-important field is crucial to our medical industry by providing emergency services to ill [..]

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How much does an EMT Make?

If you are considering training to become an EMT, one of the first questions you probably have is how much money does an EMT make? The average EMT [..]

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What is an EMT?

An EMT is an Emergency Medical Technician. EMTs typically are an emergency response medical professional who can quickly assess a patient’s condition, providing fast and effective medical treatment. [..]

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