How much does an EMT Make?

If you are considering training to become an EMT, one of the first questions you probably have is how much money does an EMT make? The average EMT salary as of January 2012 is $40,000 a year. It is important to note that the salary depends greatly on the level of EMT training. There are several types of EMTs, including EMT-B (Basic Training), EMT-I/85 (Intermediate), EMT-I/99 (Higher Level Intermediate), and EMT-P (Paramedic Trained). The salary will also vary greatly depending on the location of the position, and the local demand for emergency medical professionals. You can find more about the EMT salary at

The EMT field is a steadily growing field and an important side of our medical industry. Emergency response plays a vital role in our healthcare and aids doctors and hospitals in caring for patients before they arrive to a medical treatment facility. If you are seeking a career in the emergency medical field, or as an EMT specifically, there are many opportunities for you.

EMT employment varies by area and community. Many EMTs work directly for local fire departments, while in other areas EMTs work for private businesses, such as hospitals. Consequently, EMT benefits will vary depending on what type of employment they have. Like most in the healthcare industry, EMTs typically receive above average health benefits, which makes it a desirable career choice for many.

Some EMTs are volunteers who work part-time at reduced or no wage. Though not the norm, volunteer emergency medical services are a beneficial assistance to our local communities which allow for people to become trained in life-saving medical expertise and be able to use that knowledge to help their neighbors.

Whether you are looking to volunteer as an EMT in your local community, or are seeking a career as a professional EMT, you need the Training to get your new path started. Read more about EMT Training.

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