How to Become an EMT

Are you interested in training to become an Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT? This all-important field is crucial to our medical industry by providing emergency services to ill or injured patients needing immediate treatment or stabilization while en route to a hospital. Providing this service can be a very rewarding experience and a fulfilling career choice.

So how do you become an EMT? Here you will find all the steps you need to take to start your way, and links to any pages that might help you down your path to the emergency medical field.

Typically, the first step in EMT Training would be to get CPR certified. There are many options to get your CPR certification in your local area. A CPR certification course may be included in your EMT Training, but if it is not offered, you can easily obtain it from your local Red Cross or American Heart Association location. CPR certification is required before taking the NREMT exam (which will be discussed later).

The next step will be to take an EMT Basic course, typically offered at most local junior or community colleges. If you are having trouble finding a course offered at a local college, try calling the requiting office at a local hospital and ask where you can take EMT Basic courses. They should be able to point you in the right direction, or they may even offer the courses themselves.

Next, you’ll need to take the NREMT exam to obtain your EMT Basic Certification. NREMT is the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians®. Requirements for obtaining your EMT Certification from NREMT include:

–          Applicant must be 18 years of age or older

–          Completing and passing EMT-basic or EMT Course within the last 2 years

  • If your completed your EMT Course more than 2 years ago, you may take a refresher course

–          Maintain CPR certification

–          Passing of a state-approved EMT Basic or EMT psychomotor exam

You can become your application process online at the NREMT website. The current application fee is $70.00. Once you are eligible, you will receive an Authorization to Test letter with instructions and details for taking your test at a local testing center.

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