Is EMT a dangerous job?

Is being an EMT a dangerous job?

EMTs are highly trained professionals, who are used to working in extreme and unique situations. On average, being an EMT is certainly not the most dangerous job. Though, there are increased risks at times compared to other professions. Depending on the area and what types of calls you respond to, you may find yourself in uncomfortable circumstances.

That is why it is important for an EMT to always pay attention. EMTs are trained to always be aware of their surroundings, or the condition of people needing help or treatment, and of anything that could be dangerous or useful. Dealing with patients who may be under the influence of drugs or have weapons can be a frightening perspective. Add to that the possibility of infections, diseases, and dangerous surroundings, and you can be deterred from seeking a career as an EMT.

Ambulance drivers especially need to pay attention when driving as they operate vehicles at high speeds and often do not follow traffic signals. Weather conditions such as heavy rain or icy roads are hazardous enough at normal speed. A traffic accident while a paramedic is working on a patient could mean disaster.

While they can’t control the conditions they work under, they can rely on their training and perform critical care in any situation. EMTs are trained to work under considerable stress and exercise good judgment during the most crucial of times.

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  1. Jim

    It’s not as dangerous as most people think. I have been training to become an EMT a while and right now I’m a ride-along. It’s just a job, and it does have it’s own risks and rewards. I enjoy helping people and being there when people are in need. Far outweighs any extra risk in my opinion.

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